Wednesday, January 11, 2017

FAITH... the Foundation

Central Baptist Church of Ponca City, OK

DATE: Wednesday PM Worship, 11JAN17
SERMON BY: Dr. John Waterloo
SERMON TITLE: FAITH… the Foundation
SERMON THEME: Exhortation to Spiritual Growth
SERMON TEXT: II Peter 1:1-11

1 - There is an order of growth (vv 5-7)
2 - God expects us to grow!
3 - We are to pursue our spiritual growth with zeal!
4 - Don't be content with just a few of these spiritual traits; strive for them all!
5 - Faith is foundational, but it never stands alone. Add the rest of these virtues.
6 - Bear fruit!
7 - If we don't grow, we will become spiritually unperceptive (blind).

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