Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Forgiveness vs. Bitterness

Central Baptist Church of Ponca City, OK
Day 4- Fall Revival 2016

DATE: Wednesday Worship, 28SEP16
SERMON BY: Evangelist David Corn
SERMON TITLE: Forgiveness vs. Bitterness
SERMON THEME: Dealing With Pain
SERMON SERIES: Fall Revival 2016
SERMON TEXT: Gen 50:15-21

• Offenses WILL come!  Jesus said so!
• If we hold on to the pain, bitterness will develop and we will be tormented.
• An unforgiving heart hinders our prayers.
• An unforgiving heart defiles many!
• An unforgiving heart allows Satan to get an advantage!

1- Decide to forgive!
2 - Dedicate the situation to God!
3 - Do good to those who have persecuted you!
4 - Forgive in the Person of Jesus Christ!

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