Sunday, May 01, 2016

The Psalm of the Slandered Saint

Central Baptist Church of Ponca City, OK

DATE: Sunday AM Worship, 01MAY16
SERMON BY: Dr. John Waterloo
SERMON TITLE: Psalm of the Slandered Saint
SERMON THEME: Surviving Undeserved Attack
SERMON SERIES: Psalms - God’s Prayer Book

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1 - Don't be quick to judge the accused... especially accused believers.
2 - Be very careful when accusations do not fit the character of the person accused.
3 - Don't become arrogantly self-righteous: always remember that it could be me!
4 - Give people the benefit of the doubt.  Even Jesus was falsely accused.
5 - Have confidence when you live right.
6 - Satan accuses us all; we are all slandered saints.